I'm Wout Neirynck, I'm born in 1976 and ever since I saw my first computer, I wanted to be a software developer. I've been a full-stack developer since 1999. I founded my first software company, DN in 2004, together with a friend. As the "technical partner" of the company, I was responsible for research, technological decisions and high-level architectural decisions. So you might say I have some experience in developing software. We sold the company in 2023 and since then I've been focusing on developming MonkeyCI, a "next generation" CI/CD pipeline tool. Check it out! Well, once there is something to see...

DN built bespoke software for other companies, but during the years I became more and more interested in the process of building software itself. I'm a big fan of TDD, to me still the "least bad" way of writing code. I've been doing it for 20 years now, and I still love it. About a decade ago, I discovered Clojure, and I've been working in it ever since (next to a lot of Java and some C# code). I've always liked Lisp, and Clojure is a Java-based Lisp variant. I love the clean, simple syntax and the functional nature, which, in my view, results in more stable software.

Monkey Projects

Monkey Projects was founded in 2009 as a way to better handle the different needs my business partner and I had at the time. Since I sold DN, it has become my main company and is now responsible for developing the MonkeyCI application.